Environmental IQ

What we do/

Improving your business’ eIQ is a rewarding journey -  culturally, financially and environmentally


Policy + Governance

eIQ base camp. Here we, alongside your leaders, set the path ahead by creating a policy and governance framework that will integrate environmental thinking into your everyday business decisions.

What we do

  • review your policies and programs
  • assess your regulatory exposure
  • identify your climate change opportunities
  • understand your carbon risks

What we provide

  • Opportunity and risk analysis
  • Policy and governance framework

What is the value?

  • Clearly articulated bottom line opportunities
  • Reduced carbon risk
  • Engaged leadership

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Assess Environmental Impacts

Here we put your new eIQ to work, quantifying your environmental footprint, and detailing the ways you’ll reduce your costs over time.

What we do

  • Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Complete a certified National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) energy and water assessment

What we provide

  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventory 
and footprint
  • Environmental sustainability assessment report
  • Key action items
  • Action plan to improve performance
  • Financial analysis of investments required 
and their ROI

What is the value?

  • Quantified cost reduction opportunities
  • Baseline information to benchmark your performance

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Reduce Impacts

This is where your plan starts delivering real, visible benefits to your business.

What we do

  • Deliver a detailed implementation road map
  • Set reduction targets and measurement framework
  • Implement staff engagement program
  • Coach your Green Team
  • Develop a carbon offset strategy

What we deliver

  • Cultural change
  • Reduced costs and emission footprint
  • Engaged staff
  • Enhanced environmental credentials

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Lock In Benefits

Your eIQ has reached its peak when you can integrate environmental thinking into your everyday business decisions and process so that it is business as usual.

The financial gains are permanent and your people are actively engaged in a continuous cycle of emissions reduction.

What we do

  • Review progress against targets
  • Re-establish baseline emissions and reduction targets
  • Reinvigorate your Green Team
  • Share best practice

What we deliver

  • Ability to thrive in a low-carbon economy
  • Enhanced environmental credentials

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